2013-2017 Woodcollages are for sale. Interested contact via e-mail or social media

To lay down a puzzle of pieces of collected wood, without a blueprint. Larger or smaller parts collected or bought at the market, with their own color, decay, dirt and forms, that bring their own little history and will be joined together to make a new story. Then they are spread out all over the floor and shifting and fitting starts. One special piece or some pieces guide the initial thought and then the leftovers of old doors, windows, tables and chairs slowly get a new form. Nails connect the pieces and split other parts in two, making use of the total lack of carpenter skills, combining it to a new work. These are my wood collages, in memory of the(ir) past.

Presented in solo and group exhibitions at among others Alliance Française, East African Art Biennale, Mawazo Gallery, Le Rustique and more