Jan van Esch is a Dutch visual multi-media artist and cultural entrepreneur, currently working on the topic of the toxin in gifts.

From 2011 to 2016 he was director of Nafasi Art Space, Tanzania’s biggest contemporary art center. In 2017 he returned to Europe for a 13 month long artist-displacements residency organised by Berlin art center ZK/U and ‘placed’ at the Red Cross Berlin. The following year he  was the curator the AFEW-Culture Initiative at the International AIDS conference 2018. And since then he returned to Tanzania (ARK residency) and Berlin (ZK/U) for new residencies on the topic of the Gift, and in between carries out consultancies (Swiss Development Coopreation) and since Corona focusses on his drawn.clothes project.

He holds a MA in Anthropology from Radboud University and MSC in Public Health from Harvard University and has extensive public health and social development experience from his years in Russia, USA, Nigeria and Tanzania.




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