Nipe Nikupe
Give and Take

Nipe Nikupe – Give me and I will give you. Throughout his work, Jan  also sought to take seriously the  etymological sense of the word ‘gift,’ which is derived from the old Indo-European ‘ghabh’, meaning both give and take, and which in German (das Gift) can signify both gift and poison. Accordingly, my work defines the gift as ideally a reciprocal process of mutual communication and exchange, which can also, in less ideal forms, contain a more poisonous or toxic element. article

MITUMBA invasive species II

Salaula 173

Mitumba invasive species

*Ghabh- McGill




-Til – For – Give - Dirty shorts and Salvation


If the solution to a complex problem is easy and simple then it is also wrong

NipeNikupe - Mitumba Imefika Exhibition

NipeNikupe - Mitumba Imefika

Mitumba Imefika

Mitumba M.




Dress me

Making Red Cross a Brand launch