Nafasi Art Space General

Managing Director March 2011 till June 2016

Nafasi Art Space is ‘a vibrant art centre and platform for artistic exchange in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where contemporary visual artists and performing artists come together to create, learn, inspire, exhibit and perform.’

I ran the space for over five years with a small dedicated team. It was a place and setting to use a multiset of skills and responsibilities stretched from fundraising to presenting acts, from building infrastructure to curating shows and from legal HR questions to the production of multidisciplinary art productions, a place where words, music, movement and visuals were always connected.

Over the five and a half year period Nafasi grew to become Tanzania’s leading art centre, with over 60 members, 30 visual art studios a music practise room, a library together with Bookstop Sanaa, a dancefloor and working and exhibition space in the main building and many public training and exhibition programs ain and outside of the Nafasi venue.