Fast Fashion? No Bueno!

Performance 2023 photos Zsolt Szederkényi

Performance as part of the launch of podcast Fast Fashion? No bueno!

Bullwijk, Bijlmer station, Bijlmer plein, OSCAM

“Jan Van Esch is an artist whose work brings discarded garments to life. He draws them, performances with them and creates installation art with the discarded textiles. His work transforms the meaning of discarded clothing, giving the viewer a different perspective. A central question in his work is: how can discarded clothes gain value?
His study and work involvement with international development, gave him a unique insights into the complex relationship between development work and the perception of donations. He explores questions such as: is there such a thing as altruistic donations? And when does a gift turn into poison?…” (translation

Fast Fashion? NO BUENO! is  een initiatief van Laura de Wilde en Saskia Nartey-Wemegah.

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