39.2 Degrees and Rising

Mixed media Ice Installation & Performance 200 x 80 x 50 cm and diminishing Sept-Oct 2015

‘Nadir Tharani and Jan van Esch have each created imposing and incongruous installations that question the use of materials in new builds that would appear contrary to Dar es Salaam’s hot and humid climate’

Impose/Expose: Art Revealing Space, a public art exhibition that will take place across the city centre of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania by Dar es Salaam Centre for Architectural Heritage (DARCH), Nafasi Art Space and the National Museum of Tanzania

Curated by Rehema Chachage, Sarita Mamseri and support by Gadi Ramadhani

Instagram: @PublicArtTZ

Last day for “Impose/Expose: Art Revealing Space”