community curator with ZK/U collective social sculpture documenta fifteen 2022


ZK/U addresses global issues through local practices and is therefore one of the fourteen collectives invited by ruangrupa—the Jakarta-based Indonesian curators of documenta fifteen—to join the lumbung network and answer the fundamental question at this year’s international arts festival in Kassel: How can we share the world’s unfairly distributed resources in more equitable and positive ways?

The Citizenship begins its journey with nothing on board but its crew. Food, fuel, a place to sleep, and a cultural program are sourced from day to day, in cooperation with associations, port and city authorities, companies, artists, and interested members of the public, wherever the roof-boat stops.

Not fossil fuel but people power propels the Citizenship from Berlin to Kassel. Local community groups and chance passers-by are invited to join the changing crews in paddling, cycling, towing, pushing, and whatever else it takes to keep the roof-boat moving for 650 km.

Members of the Lumbung network alongside with other artists are invited to take sole command of the roof-boat for several days, bringing aboard issues and interests from their own contexts and exploring these with people from the place they’re passing through.

The project citizenship is a ZK/U Berlin project by the artist collective KUNSTrePUBLIK (Matthias Einhoff, Philip Horst, Harry Sachs) and is their contribution to documenta fifteen in Kassel.

The Community Program at citizenship is curated in collaboration with the artist Jan van Esch.

The boat construction was designed, planned and built by Jonas Hohmann.