Post Oil Coloring

Pen on paper 80x120 cm 2022

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.”  A. Einstein

I am still in the 55 minutes time frame wondering about the underlying problems regarding energy for tomorrow. I stare down my living room and see colors on the wall, bright curtains in front of my windows, a shiny woven art work from recycled cans, a pink and orange porcelain chandelier, color-patterns on my clothes over the sofa and the faded pigments of kilim pillows and a carpet.

Which of these colors change when we move away from using mass-produced fossil-oil based paints? When we limit our wardrobe with items that absorb less energy – an ongoing topic of mine –  are we bound to the beige, brown or grayish tones of natural cotton, wool or silk? Do we buy un-dyed clothing and paint them at home with natural fabrics? Do the colors stay when we wash them?

Imagine what these 6 original very colorful shirts can look like. Please join in coloring and imagine how colorful we can be when we take away the fossil oil and synthetic dyes and use the energy of tomorrow.



Post Oil Coloring_80x110cm_pen on paper_janvanesch_2023