Give and Take

How to give and receive without being snared by the treacherous wonder of the gift? The culture of giving has long been presented to us as something holy. From religious texts to dubious festive season marketing, we are subconsciously reassured that to give is the most noble of actions. Jan van Esch and collaborators deconstructs in his NipeNikupe series this narrative by delving into the otherwise ignored psychological motives and power play between giver and receiver, embodied by second hand clothes (mitumba) ‘donated’ in the North and ‘received’ in the South. – Valerie A Amani

Giving and taking with artist Jan van Esch

-Til – For – Give - Dirty shorts and Salvation

Logistics of Mitumba


If the solution to a complex problem is easy and simple then it is also wrong

NipeNikupe - Mitumba Imefika Exhibition

NipeNikupe - Mitumba Imefika

Mitumba Imefika

Mitumba M.

Washing Lines




Dress me

Making Red Cross a Brand launch